Democratic Culture is not just the MA Program’s subject matter; it is the cornerstone of its every aspect, the Curriculum, the educational processes, the courses, the learning material and the assessment procedures.


The main concern while designing the MA Program was to ensure accessibility to everyone who is eager to participate, so that Master level studies can become an “open” space for everyone with no discriminations.


This is the main reason why the MA Program is implemented fully online (distance learning) based on the principles of experiential and active learning, adult education and training taking into account each student’s special educational needs.

Provisions to ensure accessibility:

  • Educational material in digital form,
  • Video-lessons with subtitles for students with hearing impairment,
  • Digitalized material in an audiobook form for students with visual impairments,
  • Automated subtitles during synchronous courses, as long as they are supported by the e-learning platform.
  • Accessibility menu in the MA Program’s website, as well as in the e-class platform used for courses.

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